How to make a turtle 3D origami (modular origami) for beginners

Video description

This turtle 3D origami is a simple and rather funny figure. Make the same turtle 3D origami and use it as an interesting toy for children (only pre-merge all parts bug colorless stationery glue).

We will need:

55 green;

22 brown;

4 yellow triangular pieces (modules)

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

Of the three green pieces (modules) do the first two series

3rd row: green, brown, green

4th row: green, brown, brown, green

5th row: green, brown, green, brown, green

6th row: green, brown, 2 green, brown, green

7th row: green, brown, green, yellow, green, brown, green

8th row: green, brown, green, 2 yellow, green, brown, green

9th row: green, brown, 2 green, yellow, 2 green, brown, green

10th row: 8 green

Now do paws

Use according green pieces (modules) 3 for each

11th row: 9 green pieces (modules)

The 12th series of 8 brown make modules with pieces (modules) inserted back (short) side.

Now make head: cut a small rectangle (you can trim the piece (module))

And inserted into the piece (module)

Attach the head to the body turtle

Cut out of white paper two circles - it will be the eyes turtle

Draw the eye socket and glue to the head

Now you know how to make 3D origami turtle of the pieces (modules) 3D origami

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